About Our Security Company

Our Security Company Introduction

BIMS SECURITIES LIMITED is a Limited Liability Security Company Registered in Nigeria. We are an indigenous company whose Directors are Nigerians. We are private investigators and security consultants; we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable operatives and managers. Bims Securities Ltd is well equipped with necessary facilities and equipment for security duties and services within some of the state departments i.e. offices, residential, hotels, and oil servicing companies etc. Our Chairman and (Chief Executive Director) is a retired Colonel, a senior Military Officer who is a Fellow of the War College (Fwc) with a Masters Degree in Strategic Studies and an Associate Member of peace and conflict studies of University of Ibadan. He is in-charge of training and operation in the company.

Our Security Company Roadmap

Our Security Company Vision

Our Security Company vision is to responsibly mobilize and utilize human, financial and technological resources to economically and effectively identify and provide solutions to prevailing security problems without undermining our clients’ comfort

Our Security Company Mission

Our Security Company mission is to attain leadership in the private security industry through the provision of qualitative security services to our clients to meet international standards and in accordance with ethical practices.

Our Scope of Services

Our security company services covers all aspect of basic security with some element of physical security. We give professional touch to all area of security services that can stand global standard built on commitment, diligent and integrity.

Our Security Company Policies

HSE Policy

Bims Securities Limited is committed to Secured and incident-free workplace, every day, everywhere. Our performance depends on our ability to continually improve the quality of the services we provide to our clients, while providing security service, protecting people and minimizing the impact on the environment.

Bims Securities Limited requires an active commitment to HSEQ from all our people and our contractors in all work activities. Line managers are responsible and accountable for ensuring compliance with all HSEQ policies and procedures and this Corporate HSEQ Policy

We will always communicate openly on HSEQ issues with our stakeholders and share with them our experience and knowledge of successful HSEQ initiatives.

Substance Abuse Policy

Everyone on a Bims Securities Limited worksite has the responsibility to be fit and ready to carry out his or her work duties at all times, without risk of their performance being impaired or their competence reduced by substance abuse..

Bims Securities Limited will not tolerate the use of alcohol or any other prohibited substance on any worksite.

Health Policy

We manage business activities to keep health risks to a minimum. We provide a healthy working environment with the appropriate level of surveillance and support.

We provide expert medical support to our people to ensure that appropriate health examinations and preventative medicines are provided.

We promote good occupational health by ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and by providing clear guidance and information through our health principles.

Security Policy

Bims Securities Limited is absolutely committed to providing our people with secure arrangements for their work environment.

We operate security networks on both a regional and global basis to manage security issues, to develop and implement security plans and to monitor local security intelligence

It is our policy to engage with local communities and to be sensitive to any local community issues. Bims Securities Ltd works in compliance with the International Ship and Port Facilities Security Code (ISPS), and we maintain ship and worksite security plans which are regularly tested.

Environmental Policy

We always conduct our business in a way that considers the environment and which aims to keep any negative impact to a minimum.

This policy is managed by close attention to achieving regulatory compliance and continually improving our environmental performance through careful selection of consumables and working practices designed to reduce waste, energy consumption and emissions.

Awareness of the impact that our activities may have on the environment and the management of measures to control such impacts is encouraged through our environmental principles

Personal Protective Equipment Policy

The planning and assessment of work activities will take account of any hazards and where practicable, the risk from these hazards will be eliminated or reduced. A residual risk may remain, but we can often reduce this further by wearing appropriate PPE. It is Bims Securities Ltd policy to ensure that suitable PPE or Uniforms is available to everybody and always used in work activities.

Your full compliance with safe, well proven working procedures should prevent accidents and consequential injuries. PPE is the last personal line of defence, but may not protect you if you fail to behave safely.

Our Security Company Founding

Bims Securities was founded by Retired Colonel Eliaman Orubo in 1995. Colonel Orubo was born in Otabage, Bayelsa State on 17 November 1950. He hails from Ogbia in Ogbia Local Government Area of Bayelsa State. He grew up in Lagos and had his primary education in Lagos. He attended Government Comprehensive Secondary School, Port-Harcourt.

In Jan 1975, he joined the Nigeria Defense Academy as a member of Regular Course 17. He attended several Military Courses including Young Officer Course in Jaji, SURV Platoon Commander’s Course in Jaji, Physical Training Officer’s Course in Jaji, Physical Training Officer’s Course Zaria and Junior and Senior Staff Courses in CSC, Nigeria. He holds a Diploma in Physical Training and Culture (USSR). He has the Distinguished Service Star Award (DSS) & Meritorious Service Star.

He has held several appointments in the Nigeria Army including Divisional PT Officer, 82 Div, 1 Div, commandant NA Sports Camp and Executive Secretary, International Military Sports Council (CISM).

He is happily married to Mrs. Nemi Orubo nee Luckin and the marriage is blessed with a wonderful child, Daniel (boy). His hobbies include Tennis and Squash